Tips for Soft-Sided Cooler Usage

Soft-sided coolers are lightweight, highly portable and collapsible, making them a great choice to keep handy in a vehicle, and require minimal household space to store for when a need arises. Get the most utility out of an Ullr Soft-Sided Cooler by following a few essential tips:
  • Soft-sided coolers are intended for shorter usage periods than conventional hard-sided coolers
  • They are ideal for up to a few hours with just the cold of the contents, or a day or more with added cool packs
  • Cool packs are the preferred chilling supplement because ice melts, and can soak-through the fabric walls. Don’t have a cool pack? Put some ice in a zip-tight bag and chill away!
  • Soft-sided coolers come in many more sizes and configurations than traditional coolers and protect glass bottles
  • Many Ullr Soft-sided coolers feature carrying straps for over-the-shoulder or mounted to a bike for added utility
  • Be cooler, carry an Ullr!