Who We Are

Who We Are

What is UllrTec? Is this just another cooler company? How is it different from Ullr Coolers?  What does Ullr mean and why is it spelled funny? These are all common questions we get, so with the grand introduction of our rebranding as UllrTec, we decided to answer some of these for you!

Ullr Coolers outside

A pair of UllrTec Coolers in Duluth, Minnesota

In Norse mythology, Ullr (pronounced OOLL-ER) is praised for being a symbol of winter and cold. Keeping things chilly was his forte. Coincidentally, that is exactly what we want our beer to be. Cold. UllrTec was built on the simple platform that we want to keep our beer and other beverages cold in the most effective, user-friendly way possible. 

Originating in 2015 inside some dude’s garage around Duluth, Minnesota, UllrTec’s humble beginnings were no indication of our quality. We introduced the first Ullr Cooler with the intent of always keeping quality in mind. We have never cut corners on our quality. What have we cut corners on? Sleep, blood, sweat, tears etc. Needless to say we have worked hard to push UllrTec in the direction we know it could go, while still keeping quality in the forefront. 

Ullr coolers out in the Northland

An Insulated Compact 12 Can Cooler enjoying a hike

In 2017, word spread about the extraordinary abilities of our coolers and Ullr Coolers could no longer operate out of a two-stall garage. The introduction of bomber bags, can sleeves, and farm box coolers made Ullr Coolers a hot commodity along the North Shore of Lake Superior. We expanded to Castle Danger, Minnesota, where the manufacturing of our coolers took place. 

Along came 2021, and Ullr Coolers was once again looking to expand. Thus the merger with Superior Tech in Duluth’s Lincoln Park Craft District was the most natural option. Now, under the new name of UllrTec, we create our famous coolers and beverage accessories in the same room as Frost River’s legendary packs. 

Ullr Coolers chilling in Duluth Minnesota

 Taking in the views with your favorite UllrTec Cooler!

UllrTec is not your grandparents’ cooler company. Gone are the days of hard sided, cumbersome ice boxes that marginally serve their purpose. UllrTec’s coolers, along with our line of accessories, is an ever-expanding enterprise always looking to innovate. While we have many new, invigorating products and accessories coming soon, we will never forget our roots; keeping beer cold. So, follow along as we look to stay true to our name, and break some barriers in the cold beverage industry. Be Cooler with Ullr!

Ullr Slogan and picture